Rooted in the hills of Nice, the vineyard of Bellet is one of the oldest in France and its plantation dates back to Roman times. Its identity, linked to the life of the Nice families, is revealed by the typicality of its native grape varieties and the quality of its aromas.

This confidential designation is turned both towards the Alps and the Mercantour massif and the Baie des Anges. Bellet is the only urban vineyard with an AOC fully planted in a large town.

This vineyard of hills at the edge of the sea rests on gravelly terraces. It is planted with original grape varieties that give rise to aromatic white wines, silky and fresh rosé wines, and fleshy red wines.
Present on the most prestigious tables of the world, everyone can measure the considerable value of the wines of Bellet which contribute to the notoriety of Nice and the Côte d’Azur.

Facing our guest house, the Bellet Castle. Bellet’s family founded their estate on the hilltops of Nice in 1777. This family from Savoy gave its name to the appellation celebrated in 2011 its 70 years, which makes the Bellet wine, one of the oldest A.O.C.

The vineyards of Château de Bellet surround the old family chapel. This chapel was built in tribute to Agnès Roissard Bellet, disappeared at the age of 23 years.

This chapel overlooking the west hills of Nice, was built with stones from the quarry of La Turbie. These same stones were used for the construction of the cathedral, the casino and the oceanographic museum of Monaco.

The reputation of Bellet wines is international and old. Thomas Jefferson already appreciated the “grand cru” of Nice. This notoriety continues today and the wines of Bellet are à la carte Michelin stars and accompanies the greatest opportunities: the summit of Versailles in 1982, the European summit of Nice in 2000 or the NATO in 2005. The red wine Château de Bellet and the white of Clos St Vincent was selected by Alain Ducasse on the occasion of the Monegasque wedding of Prince Albert and Princess Charlene.