Nice itself is an attraction: the rich blue-green sea, shopping, negresco hotel Nice French rivierasplendid dining and lovely art-deco façades. But there are several spots that a tourist simply must see, such as the Cours Saleya with Flower Market, the Matisse or Chagall Museums, Roman ruins, the Russian Cathedral and more. Nice is second only to Paris in the number of museums and galleries.

Promenade des Anglais :

Few spots epitomize Nice — or, in fact, the joie de vivre of the French Riviera in general — than the inviting Promenade des Anglais. It is always bustling with humanity.There are tourists relaxing in the royal blue chairs lining the shore. There are locals roller blading, biking or jogging along it. Best of all, there are delightful seaside restaurants. Splurge on a chaise lounge, and let waiters bring you cocktails and appetizers.

Cours Saleya : Flower Market :

Nice’s famous Flower Market is one of the best attractions. The edges are lined with cafés and souvenir shops, and the stands themselves are packed with amazing produce flowers. It operates six days a week, replaced on Mondays by an antiques market.

Matisse Museum :

The lovely and innovative art of Henri Matisse was inspired by the fresh colors and lines of Nice. Just take a look at any of his art peering out of balcony windows, and you will surely see the Riviera shoreline. This vast museum shows Matisse’s works from his more traditional early days to the end of his career. There are also some of his personal effects here.

Vieux Nice à 10 minute de nos chambres d'hôtesOld city :

Old Nice is downright dripping with atmosphere. Its narrow streets are a one-stop shop for take-home finds, such as Provençal wares (L’épingle à linge), household items, wine, gourmet gifts (Confiserie Florian or Auer), hip clothing and more. There are numerous restaurants Rue de la Préfecture or Cours Saleya, as well as several fun bars and nightclubs. Be sure to stop off for a delicious ice cream (Fennoccio) in this neighborhood.

Le Chateau :

The best reason to visit the château hill is for the spectacular panoramic view of the city and sea. You won’t actually see much of a castle. You can take the elevator up for a nominal price or hike up the stairs for free to the park atop the hill.

Pedestrian steet :

The Nice pedestrian zone, or “Rue, Masséna,” is a hub of activity. This is the place if you need to load up on souvenirs. Street entertainers frequent this area. There are clothing shops, news stands, bookstores and also luxuries shops. Grab a café au lait and watch the world go by, nibble on a crepe, or visit in the evening for a robust meal with an Italian accent. This is just a lively spot!

Nice-Cathedrale-Orthodoxe-Russe-St-NicolasRussian cathedral :

What a juxtaposition: the traditional Russian onion towers in the background, and the tropical palm trees in the foreground. As odd a pairing as the two seem, the Russian Cathedral is just one of many Russian attractions in the city. The Russian aristocracy used Nice as a balmy getaway, and left their indelable mark on the Riviera city.

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